Thank You Glenville, East Cleveland, and Buckeye for making our
2018 FRESH CAMPS camps so great! 

Our FREE neighborhood hip-hop summer camps provide safe arts and cultural programming for students in at-risk neighborhoods. Students grow in creativity, confidence and character through beat making, lyric writing, recording and performance. We ask two big questions, "What's fresh in our neighborhood?" and "What's not fresh in our neighborhood?" Students answer these questions by crafting their own messages to promote community health and speak out for change. Our goal is to raise up tomorrow's leaders by refreshing the heart of the city one song at a time.

East Cleveland Fresh Camp 2018


Eligibility and Camp Schedule

Fresh Camp is a neighborhood based program. To be eligible, your student must be 9-18 years old and live, or go to school, in one of our focus neighborhoods. Registration for the summer of 2019 will open in April 2019. 

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our donors, sponsors, supporters and partners.

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