"EAT FRESH" with the Farm to School Network

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"Eat Fresh", is a petition from young people for young people. Our Fresh Force performance team of Pat.W, Kay Kay Sav, T.A.L.D. and Los P performed this at The National Farm to Cafeteria Conference in Cincinnati with Ahdonis and Poetic Nerd as backup dancers.  One way we refresh the heart of the city is to collaborate and support other meaningful and hard working community health organizations.  So when we started the conversation with National Farm to School Network about this project, we quickly saw how our Fresh Force members could use their high level music skills and screen printing abilities to serve this great cause! The mission of bringing together local farms, schools and prisons to stimulate the farming economy and to provide healthy food to students, inmates and others is right in our wheelhouse! We are looking forward to spreading this message along with them so more students can eat fresh every day.