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Fist or Friendship

by students at Journey's of Health in Glenville after school program

Produced in collaboration with the Devising Healthy Communities program of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. 

After Fresh Camp students brought eight medical students to interview neighbors here in Glenville, we started our songwriting journey to speak about community cohesion in our neighborhood. Trust was an important topic that we must work on to become a healthier and vibrant people. Putting ourselves in the shoes of others will help us get there. And taking a moment when issues of friction arise, so that we might decide whether or not we'll engage in a violent, downhill spiral, or find a peaceful, long-lasting solution. These songs are our reflections. Please enjoy. 

Alexander Chaitoff gave an interesting comment at the CD release performance for the Devising Healthly Communities Final performance and discussion, “As somebody who worked in public health before beginning medical school, I’m aware of just how impactful programs like Fresh Camp, and how important leaders like Dee Jay Doc, truly are. People believe that health is furthered by physicians, but we in the healthcare community only make gains at the margins. It is community leaders, individuals, like Dee Jay Doc, who build positive social atmospheres, that are most important for propagating positive health. Working with the group, however brief it may have been, was truly an inspiring, galvanizing experience.” 

Copyright 2015 Dee Jay Doc and the Fresh Camp. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Dee Jay Doc and the Fresh Camp students. All beats and lyrics by Dee Jay Doc, Derrick, Spooney, T-stylez, Jerricka, Love, JD, and Lil O. Singing by Sakaiya. CD graphics hand drawn by JD.

Thank you Neighborhood Connections, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, and Cleveland Collectivo for generous support as well as the Music Settlement for space and this year's sponsors: Redwood, Chad Lau, Famicos Foundation, Ficus Consulting, Steve Citerin, Richard Crownover, Fred and Lynda Lott, Mike Gustafson and Travis Pollert.