We will be refreshing local farmers markets and community events by hosting food and rap competitions (sign-up below) that empower youth to promote healthy growing, cooking, eating and living. See special performances by Refresh Collective artists, interns and students. Be inspired by Cleveland youth, take their recipe home and support local farmers so you can flex the freshest food in your own kitchen!

Fresh Flex #1 at Coit Road Farmers Market

Fresh Flex #2 at the North Union Farmers Market

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Event Schedule

Saturday, July 13th

Coit Road Farmers Market
15000 Woodworth Ave.

Saturday, August 3rd

Northern Union Farmers Market
Shaker Square

Saturday, August 24th
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
3389 Fulton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44109
In collaboration with the Hope Exchange

Thursday, October 3rd
Tri-Cā€™s Hospitality Management Center
180 Euclid Ave.

Rap Competition


  • Individuals ages 7-18

  • Can be written or freestyle.

  • Each round will be 16 bars long for your rap.

  • There will be 3 or 4 rounds, so have at least 4 different 16-bar verses ready, or be ready to freestyle.

  • No explicit language.

  • This is NOT a rap battle about your personal rap skills or to dawg the opponent.

  • The one who is most inspiring as they promote what is FRESH will be voted the FRESHEST! Try your skills at promoting fresh food, healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit and/or healthy community.

  • Judged by audience + guest judges on the basis of CREATIVITY, CLARITY and INSPIRING MESSAGE.

  • Prizes: 1st Place $50, 2nd Place $30, 3rd Place $20

  • You may sign up for any or all posted competitions.

Cooking Competition


  • A cooking team must have 3 or more youth ages 7-18 with at least one adult chaperone.

  • We will provide a tent, table and electricity.

  • Prepare samplers for up to 200 people to taste.

  • You need to highlight at least one fresh fruit or veggie that is available at our local farmers markets.

  • Judged by audience and guest judges on the basis of TASTE, PRESENTATION + EDUCATIONAL IMPACT. Students should engage and educate the tasters about your fruit or veggie and why your dish is healthy. Promote the local farmers or farmers market stand where this ingredient is available. Print out your recipe for tasters to take with them.

  • Prizes: 1st Place $50 for the winning team.

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Tag teaming with Food Strong's Care-A-Van to bring arts, community resources, nutrition education and wellness services. 

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