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z years ago, Ms. Mac searched the web for Fresh Food + Hip-hop... who she found was our founder and director, Dee Jay Doc, and each year since, our partnership grows! We collectively work to deepen student impact in our programs and to see students have more connectivity between their school subjects through creative CAPSTONES. We continue to see MC2STEM students grow in creativity, confidence, and character!

2018 MC2 9th Grade - in progress

Follow along our learning as we move our way through a fun capstone with 80+ 9th graders from MC2 Stem.

  • Note to students: Feel free to share this challenge with friends. Any immature jokes or explicit language will be removed.

Take Our Simile Challenge

Take Our Metaphor Challenge

Become a Rhymer

We’ll be mastering the art of creating similes and metaphor to get our message across on a deeper, more interesting and more memorable way.