Greater University Circle Community Health Initiative (G.U.C.C.H.I)

It all started when...

Greater University Circle neighborhoods have had high infant mortality rates that look like those of poor Third World countries.  So the people that work with G.U.C.C.H.Iare working to end infant mortality and stop lead poisoning which causes mental problems and other health issues within children.


More Information About Lead Poisoning and Infant Mortality

  • Ohio ranks in 50th place for African-American infant mortality.
  • In Cleveland there are 12.9 infant deaths for every 1000 babies born.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the top causes for infant mortality are severe birth defects, premature birth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, complications of pregnancy and trauma such as suffocation.
  • Ingesting lead can slow down or stop normal body development

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  • Lead exposure can affectnearly every system in the body.
  • Lead exposure/ poisoning often goes unnoticed.
  • Lead poisoning is completely preventable
  • The environment is full of lead and a children can ingest it from anywhere such as paint, gasoline, and consumer products

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Prevention Tips

  • Talk to your state or local health department about testing your house for lead
  • Make sure your child is not in places with peeling paint and chewable things painted with lead based paint
  • Children and Pregnant women should not be in house built pre-1978 that are undergoing renovation
  • Create barriers between living areas and lead sources
  • Regularly washchildren's hands and toys
  • Regularly wet-mop floors and wet-wipe window components
  • Take off shoes before entering the house to prevent from bringing in lead contaminated soil from the outside
  • Prevent children from playing in bare soil

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