Glenville Fresh Camp Registration

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Glenville Fresh Camp Registration

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If you have any trouble checking out, call Doc at 216.269.9208 or email with your name and contact info. We'll walk you through it. Thanks!

REGISTER by June 1st (space limited)

Camp is FREE. There is a $25 registration fee due on the first day of camp that may be waived if you just ask. We don’t want anyone to be turned away because of money. This camp has been provided for FREE to make it accessible to all students in the Glenville/St. Clair Superior area.

Camp Runs: 10am - 4pm M-F June 19th-30th

Where: Michael R. White 1000 E 92nd St, Cleveland, OH 44108

Eligibility:  This camp is for ages 9-18 who live in the Glenville/St. Clair Superior neighborhood.


- Lunch is provided.
- Wear shoes and clothes so that light gardening or walking would not ruin your gear.

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