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‘Re {FRESH} – it takes a village,’ is the story of a neighborhood coming together to help it’s youth to care about the community and cultivate growth in themselves and the world they see around them. The film follows, ‘The Fresh Camp,’ which is a neighborhood youth program in the Glenville area of Cleveland, OH where kids learn to grow confidence, creativity, and character by re-envisioning their neighborhood through urban gardening and community action and promoting what’s FRESH using hip-hop recording and performance. We are thankful to Cuyahoga Arts and Culture for their generous support of this film.

2015 Fresh Camp summer interns speak about the Fresh Camp. They helped over 60 students write and record four albums this year. Interviews recorded by Cleveland students from St. Phillip Neri Family Center and St. Clair Superior MyCom under the instruction of Keith Yurgionas. Clip from RE{FRESH} courtesy of Travis Pollert Film and Video.

Stay Safe

by Fresh Camp (Summer 2013 Performances around Cleveland)

During the summer 2013 Fresh Camp in the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio students wrote this song under the direction of Dee Jay Doc and Lon Jordan. They performed at The Cleveland Flea, One World Fest, New Bridge, West Side Community House for the Anti-Violence Youth Concert, Gateway 105 Farmers' Market, Fatima Family Center and Dee Jay Doc's backyard.

Two New Gardens w Project Grow

Here's a quick overview of our Summer 2015.

Here's the main video from our Kickstarter campaign that ran in June and July of 2014. You'll see two new gardens (Cleveland Music Settlement and Mary Bethune Elementary School) get build by Project Grow. Lynea Mitchell trains the students on how to build and run a garden from start to finish. We began selling our produce to Bon Appétit Management Company as an entrepreneurial experience for the students. 

Generous support from Neighborhood Connections and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture made these two gardens possible. We want to thank our new sponsors: Redwood Living, Chad Lau, Famicos Foundation, Steve Citerin and Ficus Consulting.

Our First Fresh T-shirts

first semester of our first year-round mentoring in Glenville

The Fresh Camp students raised and gave away $2000 from our t-shirt double fundraiser. We designed and silk screened t-shirts, hoodies, and bags for sale at the Cleveland Flea. Students decided to donate the proceeds to Famicos Foundations' apartment for the homeless, the Glenville Recreation Center's holiday dinner fundraiser, Phillio Mentoring, as well as, create a Fresh Camp Secret Blessing fund.