MC2 Stem High School 2019

by 9th Grade Maniacs

Every year, we have the honor to work with EVERY 9th grader at MC2 Stem High School, and this year, these kids excelled in our FRESH VOICE program! These songs are original creations of our students themselves!

MC2 9th 2018 CD Image.jpg

Change the World One Song at a Time

by MC2 STEM 9th Grade 2018

Once again, we came to MC2 9th grade to teach song writing, beat production, music production and recording arts, and we left so inspired by each and every students story! THESE SONGS ARE POWERFUL! Thank you MC2 STEM for our amazing partnership!

EC Grow CD image web ready.jpg

EC Grow

by Fresh Camp @ EC Salvation Army

A HUGE THANK YOU to The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation, Neighborhood Connections and The Salvation Army for making our first East Cleveland Fresh Camp possible!

Glenville 2017 Web image.jpg

Glenville 2017

Thank you Neighborhood Connections for your grant that made our 2017 Glenville Fresh Camp camp free for our 30 students! Here are the songs that were created, written and recorded this year at Camp!

High School Digital Arts 2016 Fall CD IMage.jpg

DAHS Spring 2017

We had such a great time helping students at DAHS write and record this album during our Spring 2017 residency!

Buckeye Web Design.jpg

Buckeye 2017

by Buckeye Fresh Camp 2017

A huge thanks to The St. Lukes Foundation and The Meeting Place Church for making our best camp of 2017 a reality!

LEI 2017 CD Graphic for web.jpg

"Vived" @ Lake Erie Summer 2017 Fresh Camp

Thanks again to Lake Erie Ink and The Nord Family Foundation!!

MC2 Stem 11th Grade with Chinese web ready.jpg

MC2 Stem 2017 11th Grade

by 11th graders from MC2 Stem high School

In both English and Mandarin, our students from MC2 Stem 11th grade tackle some tough topics in an effort to bring awareness to some of the things that affect our communities.

Food Injustice wed image.jpg

High School for Digital Arts (Fall 2016)

by DAHS Fall 2016

Here are songs from Digital Arts High School students tackling the topic of food injustice in our city.  A BIG THANKS to Stephanie Munkachy for her amazing leadership on this project! Thank you.

LEI Summer 2016 Web CD image.png

Lake Erie Ink Summer 2016

Thanks to the Nord Family Foundation for making this summers Fresh Camp at Lake Erie Ink possible!  

We delved into many topics and the kids came up with these awesome songs about Cleveland, their Community, and of course, Our Champions, the Cleveland Cavs!

MC2 11th 2016

Here's your unfinished beats so you can write your PRO-8 BARS of influence.

Buckeye 2016 CD for web.png

Greater Buckeye Fresh Camp 2016

by Greater Buckeye Fresh Camp students

This album was produced by students at the first Greater Buckeye Fresh Camp (2016) made possible by St. Luke's Foundation. Fresh Camp artist mentors and student leadership team ran a free 2-week summer camp for students from the Greater Buckeye neighborhood. We refreshed the basement of the East End Neighborhood House, wrote and recorded a new CD that promotes the fresh people, places and principles of the greater Buckeye area. Enjoy. We want to also thank Pavement Slave Radio for helping us produce a radio show on the last day of camp. 

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Mary Bethune Spring 2016

by Fresh Camp @ Mary Bethune

We had so much fun planting our garden at Mary Bethune and then writing these bumping tracks! Thanks to the staff at Mary Bethune for all of their support and to Lynea and Kyle Mitchell and the crew from Gateway Church for all of your hard work in the Garden and in the classroom!

mc2 9th 2016 clear.jpg

MC2 9th 2016

by MC2 9th Grade

I'm so proud of this 9th grade class. They really rocked the show at CSU! This CD contains so many real stories and varied issues students care about. Many chose to write about personal, and painful experiences and inspire us with a way to grow and move on. I hope you enjoy.

turqui background.png
The Libretto Effect.png

The Libretto Effect

by Fresh Camp and Lake Erie Ink

Lake Erie Ink's Digital Media after-school teen program funded by the Nord Family Foundationwas run by the Fresh Camp at the Music Settlement. It was a pleasure to work closely with Damien Ware from Lake Erie Ink who reached into hip-hop history to teach literary devices like metaphor, simile, alteration and imagery. Our goal was to help the students become better storytellers. Let us know what you think of their heart felt rhymes on this one. . .

4th Quarter St. Clair Summer 2015 Clear.png

4th Quarter

by St. Clair Superior Fresh Camp

This one-week camp was taught and the CD produced by Fresh Camp interns under the direction of Dee Jay Doc. All beats and lyrics written by students at this first Fresh Camp in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood.

Music Settlement Camp 2015 clear.png

Fresh Camp and Music Settlement Students

by students at the Music Settlement Summer Camp 2015

Beats, lyrics and graphics by students and Fresh Camp interns at the Music Settlement summer camp. Produced and recorded by Fresh Camp interns. Mixed by interns and Dee Jay Doc. Mastered by Dee Jay Doc. 



by Fresh Camp

This is a compilation of all Fresh food songs by the Fresh Camp over the past few years. We released it at our 2nd Annual FRESHTOBERFEST: Cleveland's Youth Garden Battle in 2015.

2015-07-09 18.57.23.jpg
Glenville Summer Camp 2015 clear.png

Glenville Junior Summer Camp 2015

by junior students at the Glenville 2015 Summer Camp

Beats and lyrics by junior students. Produced and recorded by Fresh Camp interns. Mixed by interns and Dee Jay Doc. Mastered by Dee Jay Doc. Thanks to Prototype for being our guest teacher and Lynea Mitchell from Project Grow for doing interactive lessons about bees and whole food.

DHC  2015 Winter Album big web background.png
DHC 2015 clear background.png

Fist or Friendship

by students at Journey's of Health in Glenville after school program

Produced in collaboration with the Devising Healthy Communities program of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. 

After Fresh Camp students brought eight medical students to interview neighbors here in Glenville, we started our songwriting journey to speak about community cohesion in our neighborhood. Trust was an important topic that we must work on to become a healthier and vibrant people. Putting ourselves in the shoes of others will help us get there. And taking a moment when issues of friction arise, so that we might decide whether or not we'll engage in a violent, downhill spiral, or find a peaceful, long-lasting solution. These songs are our reflections. Please enjoy. 

Alexander Chaitoff gave an interesting comment at the CD release performance for the Devising Healthly Communities Final performance and discussion, “As somebody who worked in public health before beginning medical school, I’m aware of just how impactful programs like Fresh Camp, and how important leaders like Dee Jay Doc, truly are. People believe that health is furthered by physicians, but we in the healthcare community only make gains at the margins. It is community leaders, individuals, like Dee Jay Doc, who build positive social atmospheres, that are most important for propagating positive health. Working with the group, however brief it may have been, was truly an inspiring, galvanizing experience.” 

Copyright 2015 Dee Jay Doc and the Fresh Camp. Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Dee Jay Doc and the Fresh Camp students. All beats and lyrics by Dee Jay Doc, Derrick, Spooney, T-stylez, Jerricka, Love, JD, and Lil O. Singing by Sakaiya. CD graphics hand drawn by JD.

Thank you Neighborhood Connections, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, and Cleveland Collectivo for generous support as well as the Music Settlement for space and this year's sponsors: Redwood, Chad Lau, Famicos Foundation, Ficus Consulting, Steve Citerin, Richard Crownover, Fred and Lynda Lott, Mike Gustafson and Travis Pollert.

MC2 11th 2015 clear.png

Shēngyīn Vol 2 (2015)

by MC2 Stem High School 11th Grade

For a multi- subject start-to-finish project I collaborated with Mrs. Wang (Chinese), Mr. Dunn (American History), Mrs. Staveteig (Math) and Mr. Johnson along with Pat Warner who was an intern on his senior project. We explored the Roland TR-808 and the boom from a low pitch sine wave as students made one-minute beats. We examined early hip-hop DJ's and followed hip-hop's spread worldwide to hear Chinese MC's with a similar underground vs. commercial dynamic. Finally, each of four classes wrote songs of change from their perspective. Hip-hop gives voice. Enjoy. And learn some Chinese in the process. . .

MC2 9th 2015 clear.png

Communications Capstone Vol 3 (2014)

by MC2 Stem High School (9th Grade)

This is the 9th grade class at MC2 Stem School as they created messages of community change. All beats, lyrics and CD graphics are by the students themselves. The CD graphics were generated from their art collages, beats were made in conjunction with math standards and lyrics written to work on using metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration and allusion. We hope these songs will inspire youth to MAKE CHANGE.

DHC 1 clear.png

Journey's of Health in Glenville (vol 1)

by students at Journeys of Health in Glenville after school program

Three Fresh Camp students also with Dee Jay Doc interviewed members of our community to find out their journeys of health. We each composed our own complete song, music and lyrics to tell their story and honor their victories. This was created in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic's Lerner College of Medicine program, Devising Healthy Communities.

MC2 11th 2014 clear.png

Shēngyīn Vol 1 (2014)

by MC2 Stem High School 11th Grade

For a multi- subject start-to-finish project I collaborated with Mrs. Wang (Chinese), Mr. Dunn (American History), and Mrs. Staveteig (Math). We explored the Roland TR-808 and the boom from a low pitch sine wave as students made one-minute beats. We examined early hip-hop DJ's and followed hip-hop's spread worldwide to hear Chinese MC's with a similar underground vs. commercial dynamic. Finally, each of four classes wrote songs of change from their perspective. Hip-hop gives voice. Enjoy. And learn some Chinese in the process. . .

MC2 9th 2014 clear.png

MC2 9th 2014

by MC2 Stem High School (9th Grade)
Glenville Summer Camp 2013 clear.png

Fresh Camp

by students at the Glenville 2013 Summer Camp

All music and lyrics by Fresh Camp students. Mixed and Mastered by Dee Jay Doc.

MC2 9th 2013 white.jpg

Communications Capstone Vol 1 (2013)

by MC2 Stem High School (9th Grade)

After three months of exploring the science of music and sound, students displayed their works of art at MOCA Cleveland: powered speakers, recorded rap songs and live performances of their community action “message.” Lessons from science, art, math, social studies, English, engineering, and music unite to create the experiential learning needed for each group of four students to build a battery operated speaker, record rap song from their persuasive essays and perform the songs on stage.

Dee Jay Doc's role as artist in residence was to help each group of students produce their own recorded song that amplified their community action project. While they wrote essays and debated their positions in Social Studies and English, Doc guided a rap writing process to craft each message into song. Each group learned to create and arrange their own beats using digital software and prepare for the vocal recording experience. Most students entered the portable recording booth with looks of intrigue, nervousness and a little fear, but they left with big smiles. After having the experience of a recording artist and realizing how good they can sound rapping over their own beats, they became confident and even proud of their new found sound.

At the final performance, surrounded by their speakers, as well as family, friends and school staff, they experienced another roller coaster of emotions. The natural nervousness and even stage fright turned into passion as their music began playing through the sound system and they confidently rapped their message to excited ears. As they walked off stage, even bigger smiles were on their faces showing the feeling of accomplishment and relief after a job well done.

It was a pleasure to work with these students and see their messages come to life.

Glenville Summer Camp 2012 clear.png

Glenville Summer Camp 2012

by students at the Glenville 2012 Summer Camp

We explored the people and places that are fresh in our neighborhood. Students also gave some solutions that can help us live safer, healthier lives.